I have just made a wonderful discovery, a one year old in a high chair.  I can't believe all the tidbits that fly off that tray.  Dad said I did such a good job cleaning up he did not have to vacuum.  Luckily I did not get sick and Josh did not drop any chocolate.  Chocolate is toxic to me and my canine friends and the darker the chocolate the more dangerous it is.  With Halloween and all the holidays around the corner please remember to keep the candy away from your canine family members who would like nothing better than to help the kids eat their treats.  Well dad just raked some leaves and he needs my help to put them back in place, got to rock and roll.

Love, Cali

Animal Hospital: Dental care for dogs and cats, Pet boarding, pet vaccines, Surgical procedures

Abell Animal Hospital is staffed with highly competent and compassionate veterinary professionals and provides a full range of general medical and surgical services.  We also offer specialized services such as laser surgery and abdominal ultrasound.  We are fully equipped with an in-house laboratory, pharmacy and state-of-the art equipment such as digital radiography, ultrasound, and video otoscope. Our experience and equipment allows us to manage a wide variety of medical and surgical conditions.

At Abell Animal Hospital, we strongly recommend an annual wellness exam for all pets under the age of 5 years. For pets aged from 5 years to 7 years, we recommend a Senior Care Wellness exam every 6 months.  Investing in a wellness exam provides your Veterinarian the chance to evaluate your pet’s overall health and detect a problem before it turns into a serious illness. If you use an electronic dog fence, rest assured that this will not affect the wellness exam in any meaningful way. An important part of a well care exam for your pet may include routine blood testing, urinalysis, possible radiographs or other diagnostic tests.

Our Veterinarians see patients during normal office hours on an appointment basis. We gladly accept phone calls from any concerned pet owners. However, we do not diagnose or provide specific medical advice over the phone. Our Veterinarians examine your pet during a consultation with you, design a treatment plan based on your desires and can provide you with an estimate of the cost of a treatment plan. We strive to create and implement a plan that best meets your needs and your pet’s needs, and we strongly encourage and value open communication. .

Our diagnostic and treatment services include:

*During a wellness exam, your Veterinarian will ask you a variety of questions. Clients are asked to mention any unusual behavior, including:

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